Tokens are modern version investment assets of digital age that can be used in private and public offering process.

Why Tokens are interesting?

You have most likely heard about cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum or Ripple to name a few, as they dominated the news in 2017 and 2018 due to their meteoric rise. But have you ever questioned how a cryptocurrency is created in the first place and how it operates before it becomes popular and tradable?


Stage 1

At first, there is an idea based on blockchain technology. There are many different types of blockchains that can be used by businesses.


Stage 2

A company puts forward the future business model that integrates tokens at the heart of it. These tokens, like digital vouchers, could be exchanged for goods or services that the company will offer. To launch this new project, that company can fundraise it via private or public sale campaign to sell tokens.


Stage 3

Once the company reaches its goal and builds a solution, they have an option to convert tokens into cryptocurrency which make it tradable on many exchanges.

Tokens like pre-IPO

Sounds like nothing stops new companies to just tokenize, raise capital and conquer the world. Except…creating a token in blockchain can be a daunting task that requires a lot of specialized sophisticated knowledge that young companies that want to raise capital often do not have or cannot afford. Tokensgate created a pioneering solution that enables tokenization of any company on the market and to facilitate a private or public offer.

Up to 99% discount

Buying tokens at the very early stage is very attractive. You're able to buy tokens up to 99% discount to the price that will be presented at the Initial Coin Offering (ICO)

Fast Liquid Asset

Most tokens are locked before they reach exchanges and start to be tradable, but when they reach this point they started to be liquid asset. You can sell or buy those assets without control of the company.

Up to 13x profits

According to many resources, investing in wide range of tokens can give a return up to 13 times even including the failures in the portfolio. The key to token investments is to invest right and wide!

Frequently Asked Questions

How the tokens are sold?
In simple words it's a technical thing. Tokens buyouts are connected with cryptocurrencies transfers. Companies raise funds in form of Ethereum or Bitcoin. The tokens are saved on wallets and can be transfered using a very specific piece of technology. Most people do not know how to do that and how to operate those assets but with Tokensgate help you don't need to think about it.
Does tokens represent equity?
No. Tokens do not represent equity in most cases. There are some campaigns that run an ICO called DAICO where according to number of tokens you have a number of voting right, but that's very niche. Tokens are the company payment asset and you can control the company from the perspective of it's trading value and that's what is in hands of the community that buys the tokens. The biggest holders of the tokens are usually founders of the company which build ecosystem to make their assets tradable is most valuable.
Where can I use tokens?
Mostly you can use them inside the application company build or exchange it on exchanges to BTC/ETH/USD when they will reach the exchanges.
All tokens will become tradable?
No not all of them become tradable but most tokens reach exchanges within 12 months, but the question is if they will be tradable. That depends on the company strategy and creating a need for the cryptocurrency.
Is there any liqudity protection?
No. Tokens are a high risk investment and you need to remember that business can not deliver or can simply fail, that's why you should invest in wide range of tokens. You don't have any guarantee from us or from the company that creates and operates token that the asset will be liquid. We also recommend to invest in tokens as part of a wider wallet of investment in a range that is acceptable