TokensGate is a privately traded blockchain company

We're using Tokensgate (TGC) dividend token to generate profits for our shareholders

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What is the Dividend token?

A dividend token allows you to get a dividend from profits generated by the company. Tokensgate generate profits in form of tokens we collect as a comission from all transactions we do for our clients. By owning TGC you will get a piece of that!

Utility Token!

TGC token can be utilized only in the TokensGate shareholder platform

6 months!

The payout of the dividend takes place every 6 months. TokensGate provide exact date of payouts!


You will be paid only when you hold a token at the day of payout!


Every owner of the TGC token is fully verified according to our KYC/AML regulations.


Trading is possible only between verified holders of the token directly or on verified exchanges!


Every TGC owner will have an access to shareholder wallet to check current balance of generated profits!

How many tokens we will generate when reach a level of 100m capital in management