Our system is designed to be tailored to specific needs of a company ecosystem, especially investment startegy

Different types of contracts!

We bring the digital assets investment process to the friendly space of a web-browser, but it's not only about funcionality! It's also about experience and access to an interesting projects with a high possibility of success. That's why we build different types of contracts you can choose if you're more experienced!

Managed by you!

You choose all the investments in your wallet according to our investment strategy, experience, contacts and knowledge!

Shared management!

We divide contract into two parts. First part is managed only by us, we invest based on our strategy. The second part is managed by you. You will get access to verified companies and make investment decission by yourself!

Managed by client!

This contract is only managed by client! Client choose all the companies that we verified in form of our own due-dilligence and submission process!

What tokens are worth investment?

Every project added to the system by our automated and manual accounting protocols will be analyzed by computer and human network to define if the project is worth investment. We have built a special cloud-based system to manage this process with predictive machine and sentiment analysis. When the score reaches the level of tokensgate satisfaction, the investment is signed and transferred to our clients’ contracts lineup!

AI Computer Scoring

Every added token crowdsale is analyzed by our AI bot to define the project rate based on our algorythm

Advisors Scoring

All of our advisors rate the project and write recommendations based on their specific field. The final score is an average of all advisors score.

Management Scoring

Management analyze the legal part of the business and macro-economy strategy of the company, score the business and sign the buying transfers

Business submission funnel

Before the business will be added to our scoring funnel, it will go through an initial verification process. We’re only choosing blockchain businesses that have a strong business behind the idea, especially when talking about the token economy. We’re mostly choosing businesses that are pursuing a utility token strategy, tokens where exchanges are just an add-on to the business.

Ethereum Based

At this moment, we’re choosing to work only with Companies that decide to build their crowdsale based on Ethereum blockchain ERC-20 token. Ethereum network has a wide community and transparency that help us to make an initial due diligence.

Promising industry

We invest only in industries that are promising, working globally, not locally, with a known big number of potential users/clients. We’re not trying to look at business from a perspective of blockchain members.

Wider team

We believe in team building. We’re accepting only businesses with a strong founder’s team. At least three people are needed in a team. We prefer to invest in Multicultural companies.

Before public

We choose only businesses not listed at the exchanges. First, we invest in seed companies, then pre-venture, pre-ico, and ICO rounds. We don’t invest in tokens that are tradable, even if they are promising. We want to join companies on an early stage.

At least 50% bonus

We will allocate resources of our clients only in businesses that offer our clients tokens with at least 50% bonus from the utility token price when the app will be available.


We’re investing only in legal businesses that want to operate as an app within chosen legal district. We prefer investing in companies in places where capital can’t be hidden. In simple words, we avoid businesses in Tax heavens.

Core team lockup

We want to invest in people that believe in a business. That’s why we prefer a lockup for all core team members that hold tokens until the date of Utilization of a token. We don’t want founders to trade tokens before they build a solution they promise.

Product based

We want to invest in businesses that offer business behind the token. We don’t accept exchanges strategy and will not invest in tokens that are emitted only to be tradable on market.

Integrated Utilization

We believe that utilization strategy is important for investors. We want straightforward strategy of token utilization in the produced application or business and how this will operate with exchanges. We want tokens to be part of your business ecosystem, treating exchanges like add-on, not core value.

12 months to monetize

We want businesses to start operating not more than 6 months after offer is completed. We want tokens to be utilized inside the business within this period.

Diversified team

We invest in teams that connect business and IT skills. If a business operates globally, it must have a global team

Bounty Available

We believe that a bounty program is important in successful offering. That’s why we invest in businesses that offer straightforward bounty programs from the beginning.