"No wonder investors are rushing into cryptocurrencies — average ICO returns are 1,320%"

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The investment process in technology companies has changed over the last years. More new born companies have made the traditional investment process slow and inaccurate for the current world. That's how crowdfunding was born. In 2015, crowdfunding campaigns raised almost $3.4bn. This fast and affordable system helps to develop companies, like Oculus, Zortrax, Pebble. The fast and easy process of investment allows businesses to build products faster and take them to the market. This fast track process was good for investors because it could give them a fast return and, if a problem occurs, a fast pivot. ICO's campaign takes it to the next level. For the first time, blockchain opens a free market that gives people a speed and transparency they needed to make business as effective as it could be.

Business owners use smart contracts to fundraise money in a clear and transparent way. The rules of investment are coded into the algorithm that keeps the terms of investment clear during the whole process. The Blockchain technology takes the investment process to the next level, changing the definition of an investor, who now can be a regular person that trusts the business. Blockchain and ICO campaigns are also dealing with one of the biggest problems with investment in traditional businesses, the liquidity problem. In the traditional investment process, the return from a business is attached to a major liquidity event, like IPO or acquisition. The road to this stage is long and difficult. ICOs opened a different approach to this problem. The asset you acquire from the market is tradable almost from the beginning, giving investors a possibility to sell or hold the assets based on their feelings, making a token a perfect investment tool.

Last year was a bull year for ICOs. Unprecedented amounts of capital were raised with some projects such as Filecoin and Tezos raising over $200m in a single round of funding. Of the 230 ICOs in 2017, many took place off the back of nothing more than an idea (usually formulated in a white paper), a team of developers, and little to no due diligence. This year experienced investors will get involved with this new means of funding. They will demand further business validation and transparency, bringing the ICO process closer in line with traditional venture fundraising and making it increasingly difficult to raise off the back of a white paper.

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