DASP - Diversified Assets Sharing Protocol

The protocol for managing blockchain assets

What is DASP?

DASP is a protocol that describes the rules of blockchain assets control and management in form of a Smart Contract. Initially designed as an improvement of Ethereum Blockchain ERC-20 protocol. In simple words DASP describe the usage of a smart wallet in form of smart contract which investors gives to proffesionals under management.

For investment companies

DASP was designed to provide an automated solution that enables to build an investment product for institutional investors that are willing to use blockchain as part of their investment offer.

For upcoming regulations

DASP was designed to use blockchain as guarantee protection of the client assets under management, to help build a track record of the transaction with use of management personal.

For the future

DASP was designed with thinking of upcoming regulations in the Blockchain and ICO space. With respect to GDPR, AML, KYC and SEC regulation

DASP Core values

DASP gives a blockchain level security to clients, secure their assets and automate the process of investments for investment companies

DASP Protocol v1.0

Tokensgate applied the DASP standard and currently improving it based on our experience. We will release the standarized documentation over DASP soon. Our future approach is to take DASP to different ecosystems, making it a standard protocol for investment companies in the near future.

DASP Usage

DASP protocol describe the way contract is managed giving all parties a full transparency over the process