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DenAR provides the environment and a set of tools enabling businesses to promote their products through augmented and virtual reality, while consumers can interact with content generated by brands and create their own unique experiences that uses (denAR) utility token.

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Cogenero wants to build a platform that will use Cogeneration process to produce low-cost energy. We aim to create (COG) utility token that will be used to buy computing power in a network of our cogeneration units

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We help to build your sales and marketing success. Levelo was designed to help you engage thousend of sales people that will promote and at the end of the day sell your product to a customer.

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Moozicore is revolutionary Background Music Service for Businesses where music is essential for customers. Our service transforms background music into an interactive customer-sourced playlists

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We're group of people experienced in Finance, Investments, Blockchain and Business

Szymon Piekarz


Wojciech Labryga


Aliaksandr Horlach


Piotr Danelski


Evgeny Chamtonau


Jeffery L. Grady

Shareholder & Advisor

Jeremy Glover


Laurent Uhres


Marta Domańska


Andrew Hubert Willmann


Tomasz Mironczuk


Duke Vu


Christian Kranicke


Jacek Czarnohorski


Piotr Arendarski, Ph.D


Alexander Lozben


Kacper Grzesiak


Grigory Vasilkov


Emil Ślązak


Alexey Kruchenok


Dimitri Mikhalchuk


Maksim Lazarevich


Kirill Voloshin


Michał Kowalski


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